Friday, September 28, 2007

Hillsong United - Solution

Okay, since the previous drum cover of Solution was not very good...I went back & re-did the whole video & this is the best that I can do... it's not not perfect but I believe it's better than the last one by a long shot...

The drum break down, the 1st verse is in 16th note, but it can also be done in 8th I did the beat in both ways so that if anyone find it difficult to play the 16th note one can play the 8th note style... that's about it for the drum cover & break down.

May the light shine upon you always & have a blessed day!! God bless


cfsam said...

Hi. Thanks for the video. But I can't really get it because it was too off already. It would be great if you could redo this video so that I can catch the beat at the beginning and that other people can also learn better. I believe that the standard of this website should be international standard = God standard. It doesn't have to be perfect, but I hope you get what I mean ;) thanks and God Bless!

cfsam said...

thankyou :)

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