Friday, September 21, 2007

Youth Alive - Sweetness/Can't Live

This is probably one of my favourite Youth Alive song. I used to play this song everyday because it had a very simple & yet nice beat & a catchy tune to it. Although there were some part of the fills that are not accurate, I improvised a li'l on the fill part. You can notice that the drumming fill of the original is different. Just be creative & don't always use their fills. Unless you have no idea to fill the song with your own , then use their fills. Just be creative! All for the Glory of God! :) ENJOY!

Now here's the break down of the song, although I'm not that good in editing videos at the moment, but I think you can understand it! :p

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey man! ur Vids are Awesome and i love the passion u have to Glorify God. But~ it'd be kool if u would place the camera at a different angle maybe? like on ur left side somewhere? iono jus a suggestion man. But hey, Keep up the SWEET WORK!!!! GOD BLESS~

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