Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hillsong - Break Free

Hey guys...Ray G here. Sorry that I haven't posted any devos or drum vids for the past few weeks, I've been very busy with my studies. Well, here's an update... got some new gears that u will see in this drum cover. I got new China Crash, cost me RM 130(41.09 USD). It's a brand-less china, made in China of course. And the amazing thing is that the crash sounds really good! You can see it yourself in the video below, & I got myself an isolater headphone(Behringer) because the previous one I've 'accidentally' broke it...don't ask me how but I just did. (I still apologize to my friend that I did so).

Alright, this song is very fast-driven, the intro, verse, & instrumental are all played in 16th notes. While the chorus is just a straight rock beat. You might notice that I started playing in traditional grip but later as I enter into the verse, I switched to match grip, reason is because I feel that match grip would be better for this style of drumming; and you might also notice the video would get less brighter on the 2nd minute. I apologize, because I was playing it around 5 PM. Alright, hope you guys enjoy this cover and learn how to play it in your local Church... God bless & Have a blessed day!

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