Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Planet Shakers - Praise You

One cool way I learned about playing this song during the Planet Shakers - Planet Worship Conference, Kuala Lumpur 2007 is to put a drum break in the second chorus during the , "I WILL PRAISE YOU!" part so you can hear the whole congregation/crowd shout it! It's not as clear in the recording but you get the point! It's quite a bit of double pedal footwork going on for some drummers, but you can always try to make something up and come up close! Remember, be creative!

Mike Webber plays some double pedals and uses an auxiliary hi-hat in the original recording during the verse, if you notice it in the DVD or can hear it for yourself. I've broken down 2 parts, one is a version without the double pedals so it can be easier on non-double bass players and not be too busy during the song and a version with double pedals, the ride as the axillary hi-hat because I don't have one :)

Very fun song to play around with, especially the "Oh Pra-ai-ai-aise Him!" chant, mix around and be creative with the drums! Have fun!

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Uppy said...

HEY!! nice job! jus thought id let u no..if u dnt have have aux hats but r runnin a dounble kick, u can buy a hat clutch...just holds n releases ur hats via a little switch on the side...tht was iv done..n my m8 sorta hard tryin to release ur hats in such a complicated groove, but once u get the hang of certainly sounds better than playin on a ride...n e who, GREAT JOB!!!

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