Thursday, January 31, 2008


This is Raymond. As co-executive of this site. We would like to apologize for all the nonsense that has been going in our forums. We did not take the time to check what was going on in the forums so we did not notice anything. The forum is now closed and we will only receive your requests by e-mail or in the ChatterBox...

Once again, we're sorry for all the trouble we've caused.

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Welcome to Rhythm Praise!

rhythm |ˈriðəm|

1 the rhythm of the music beat, cadence, tempo, time, pulse, throb, swing.
2 poetic features such as rhythm meter, measure, stress, accent, cadence.
3 the rhythm of daily life pattern, flow, tempo.

"praise Him with the clash of cymbals, praise Him with resounding cymbals." - Psalm 150:5