Monday, January 28, 2008

Hillsong - My Redeemer Lives

This is the drum notation for Hillsong's My Redeemer Lives from the By Your Side album. I've hand written it because I do not know how to use the computer to write music notations. Hopefully you guys won't mind my not-so-great music penmanship. God bless and enjoy!

Drum cover



Anonymous said...

Ray, thanks for the drums tab for My Redeemer Lives. I am a beginner drum, but I can tell that the tab excludes the toms and the cymbals. Are you planning to add on to the basic tab?

Anson Lau, Raymond Goh, Ruben van Leeuwen said...

Thanks for the complements, and well... playing around the toms & cymbals come naturally when u play in a 4/4 time. I cant write the whole exact thing down, cause I dont want to put in that there is only one specific fill or style to play this song. I will eventually post up some drumming lessons on how to fill in time to come. God bless you! And continue to drum & walk with God =)

Luis said...
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Luis said...

having problem going from drum solo to chorus, maybe this would help, thanks man.. God Bless!

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