Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Absolute Truth

Read Genesis 2:2-17.

1. Which flavor ice cream is best?
cappuccino chocolate
mint chocolate chip
butter pecan

2. Who is the greatest drummer?
Travis Barker
Dave Weckl
Buddy Rich
Steve Gadd
Steve Smith
Mike Webber(PlanetShakers' drummer)

3. Which of these actions is wrong?
eating vegetables
reading the bible

Now, those questions may seem pretty silly for you. But I ask them for a reason. Some people think there is no difference between questions #1,#2, and #3. But there is a huge difference.

The 1st question asks you to make a choice based on your taste. You may like chocolate ice cream, but your sister may like vanilla ice cream best. So who's right? Both of you, because it's a matter of of taste. Whether you're talking about ice-cream, favorite color, favorite songs, different people have different tastes.

The second question asks you to make a choice based on opinion. You may have an opinion about who was the greatest drummer ever, but someone else who is equally informed may have a different opinion. (pretty much some of your fav drummer might not be on the list.)

But the third question is a different kind of question entirely, because it asks you to make a choice involving, not taste or opinion, but right or wrong. You see, some things are a matter of taste or opinion, and others are true beyond the shadow of a doubt. Some things are absolute truths-that means they are true for all people, for all places, for all time. Those things are true no matter what you like or don't like; they're true no matter what your opinion is; they're true absolutely.

Now, there are some people today who claim right or wrong are just a matter of opinion or a matter of taste. But God has already revealed to us in his Word what is absolutely right and what is absolutely wrong.

Act: Always remember that right or wrong are not an opinion or taste. Can you think of 2 actions or attitudes that belong to each category? Right and wrong?

Pray: Dear Lord,
Thank you for your Word that makes the absolute truth absolutely clear. In Jesus' name, Amen.

~~FYI, The greatest drummer to me(RayG) is Thomas Lang, 'who is not in the list' and my favorite flavor of ice-cream is Almond Chocolate 'which is also not in the list'... haha! ~~

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