Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hillsong - Here In My Life

Hey everyone...I'm Graham...and this is a drum cover I did of a song called 'Here in my life' by Hillsong. Its a slow song...if you've heard the song before, u should like it. During the intro, remember that the floor tom strokes have to be hit harder at the 4th count...the first 3 should be softer. The 4th stroke is the accent stroke. Around the 4:30 part of the video, remember to play with the floor tom and the snare...this is the part where the song builds up. During that part, the snare strokes are flams. Just keep playin' along to the song...its a very nice song to play. Keep on drumming! God bless!

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rhythm |ˈriðəm|

1 the rhythm of the music beat, cadence, tempo, time, pulse, throb, swing.
2 poetic features such as rhythm meter, measure, stress, accent, cadence.
3 the rhythm of daily life pattern, flow, tempo.

"praise Him with the clash of cymbals, praise Him with resounding cymbals." - Psalm 150:5