Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another Update (Raymond G)

Hey guys, I apologize for not updating recently, I haven't got the time to do much drumming lately. Anyways, just to let you guys know(if you guys dont know), I got 1st Runner Up in the competition, Praise God! I finally got the recording of my performance from my friend, so here it is, I splitted the video into 2 because the file was too big.
1 is the cover of a song and the other is the solo performance.

In my finals, I did a cover with some of my friends on a Christian song "Hillsong United - Take It All" We only managed to jam together on the day before the competition so forgive us if we're a bit sloppy on the song.

And in my solo, It was somewhat improvised on the spot...the only thing that was planned was the independence stuff and the ending of the solo.

I did the Virgil Donati's Parraddiddle independence in the beginning after the triplets I did on the snare.
Left hand and left foot doign the double parraddiddle.
Right hand and foot does the single parraddiddle.

It was pretty hard, to be honest but I finally got it down. But it's still a bit messy. laughs*

Alright, will post new drum covers soon.
Going to the Singapore Drum Festival this weekend.

God bless and have a great day!

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