Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lincoln Brewster - Let The Praises Ring

This is a drum cover on one of my personal favorites from Lincoln Brewster's album All To You. The song starts with a short roll followed by an interesting tom-tom groove. I basically played it in a 16th note single strokes with accents. I dont exactly know how the drummer did it so I came up with my own and hopefully it is as close as the original. The Rs and Ls that are bolded are to emphasize that you need to hit them louder.


Hope you guys enjoy it and God bless.

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Paul said...

wow you're amazing :O

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rhythm |ˈriðəm|

1 the rhythm of the music beat, cadence, tempo, time, pulse, throb, swing.
2 poetic features such as rhythm meter, measure, stress, accent, cadence.
3 the rhythm of daily life pattern, flow, tempo.

"praise Him with the clash of cymbals, praise Him with resounding cymbals." - Psalm 150:5